Knights of the Black Lily Quickstart BETA is releasing!

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Great news; the Quickstart beta for the Knights of the Black Lily RPG is set to start releasing, beginning on Tuesday 13th, 2018. Initially being released for the subscribers to our Knights of the Black Lily Newsletter at the highest level (“I’m a huge fan…”) over the following weeks, it will see public release in December 2018. For a glimpse of what awaits you, have a look at the images below:











We have been quietly working very hard over the last 6 months on the page design and its subtler elements (plus a TON of background research for world building) – we trust you will be thrilled with the results as much as us!



What’s Next?

The work does not end here – it’s just beginning! There are a plethora of items on our schedule:

  • a companion Introductory Scenario will be added to the Quickstart rules, so that you can get started with playing Knights of the Black Lily easily,
  • refining the Quickstart Beta v0.9 further – based on YOUR feedback (see below),
  • work on a German-language translation of the rules,
  • the game’s website is scheduled to see further improvements; and,
  • groundwork on the continent of Ilethra’s background and lore, making it interesting and unique to play in, while harkening back to medieval Europe’s myths and legends – in a darkly twisted manner!

As you can see, we got our work cut out for us.



Get Involved!

Whether good or bad – we want to hear from you! How to get in touch? You can drop us an email under or use our Contact form Alternatively, you can find Social media links on this page’s sidebar – feel free to drop by and say hello! In particular, if you decide to give the system a whirl – we’d love to hear your stories. Therefore:



Grab your dice and grab your sword… The dark gods await.


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