Knights of the Black Lily Quickstart BETA is releasing!

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Great news; the Quickstart beta for the Knights of the Black Lily RPG is set to start releasing, beginning on Tuesday 13th, 2018. Initially being released for the subscribers to our Knights of the Black Lily Newsletter at the highest level (“I’m a huge fan…”) over the following weeks, it will see public release in December 2018. We have been quietly working very hard over the last 6 months on the page design and its subtler elements (plus a TON of background research for world building) – we trust you will be thrilled with the results as much as us… Read More

Major Update for March 2018

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After some weeks of intense work on the game (including playtesting to fine-tune the numbers, editing, layout and page design), it has become apparent that we’re going to narrowly miss our goal of releasing the PDF for the Knights of the Black Lily Quickstart Beta rules in time. Instead, we’re aiming for an early Q2 2018 release now, which will probably (but don’t quote us on that) mean: late April 2018.

What is missing?

For the most part, the graphics design. Tanya Anor is busy working on the art for the outer margins of the book as well some ornamental elements. As a progress report to you, we can share with you below rough sketch that shows you where the page design of the game is headed… Read More

Good News Everybody!

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Mockup Fortune Chapter from the Knights of the Black Lily RPG Quickstart Hey, no updates in a while but it’s been quite a few busy days at the office: the upcoming excerpt chapter on Fortune Points, the metacurrency of Knights of the Black Lily, is currently undergoing editing. That means early access is just a short while away – at least for those who have subscribed to the highest level of our newsletter (“I’m a huge fan”)! The best part: the entire chapter is system independent, so it is ready for Plug & Play into the system of your choice! … Read More