Major Update for March 2018

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After some weeks of intense work on the game (including playtesting to fine-tune the numbers, editing, layout and page design), it has become apparent that we’re going to narrowly miss our goal of releasing the PDF for the Knights of the Black Lily Quickstart Beta rules in time. Instead, we’re aiming for an early Q2 2018 release now, which will probably (but don’t quote us on that) mean: late April 2018.


What is missing?

For the most part, the graphics design. Tanya Anor is busy working on the art for the outer margins of the book as well some ornamental elements. As a progress report to you, we can share with you below rough sketch that shows you where the page design of the game is headed (and as an added bonus you get a first impression of the game’s rules on Fortune Points as well):

Just a Tanya Anor rough sketch but already pretty fantastic, eh? Beyond graphics design issues, T.R. Knight (who recently worked on Fantasy Flight Games’ Genesys Core Rulebook) and one of his colleagues, Marshall Oppel, have been busy in the meantime with editing the game text. If experiences so far are any indication, it should be a fairly smooth ride.


So what`s the road ahead?

As many of you may be aware of, we originally planned to release an excerpt chapter about Fortune Point rules first (the above screenshot is from that chapter, of course) as promotional material. There has been a minor change of plans, however, because, after plenty of soul-searching, we have come to the conlusion that it is not a good idea for a virtually unknown project to release RAW sample material. So, releasing an excerpt chapter with exciting new rules might be all good and fine but if it’s not visually pleasing as well, it might send you the wrong message about the seriousness of our efforts!

Therefore, to cut a long story short, we will still be releasing the excerpt chapter as early access content for our subscribers – when page design and everything else has concluded and the PDF is in a finished state. However, this will now only be the beginning of the release of the entire Quickstart, as we will be making the game available to our subscribers in batches (make sure your subscribed to our highest subscruption level for this early access content though), with each week’s release covering one or more chapters of the entire PDF. After this process has finished, we will be making the PDF in its entirety available the general public! (Which means late May/early July 2018, if we meet our new goal of beginning the release in late April.)

Until then, we’re thinking about new ways to introduce the game and its sophisticated ruleset to the role-playing audience – such as a public demonstration of the game’s combat rules. And, of course, we’re listening to your suggestions for what you want to see out of this just as well!


In conclusion, we’re very excited about the game’s progress and are very much looking forward to bringing this game finally to you. Please stay tuned for more updates and for more ground-breaking material to follow soon!


So grab your dice and grab your sword… for the dark gods await.


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